We are working on making math projects. We first started by asking, “What IS math?”

  • “Math is a hard thing you do when get grown-up.”

  • “Math is grades”

  • “Math is- you buy stuff!”

  • “Math is counting!”

  • “Math is putting the red cupcakes and the blue cupcakes together”

  • “Math is mystery”

  • “Math is patterns and sorting things”

  • Math is shapes!”

Then we got to work in centers where we worked to create our own math projects! Here are some of the projects we worked to create:

“I had 21 dinosaurs and I took away 5 so now I have 15”

“I connected 11 straws so it must be 11 feet”

“How many did you roll?”

“Let’s jump up the number line”

“Can you roll the dice so I know how many jumps to do”

“How do I write a 20, let me check the number line”

“I made my house out of rubber bands on the geoboard!”

“When I measure the  jump rope it is longer than the yardstick”

We are beginning to dig deeper into math and find the math in self directed independent projects. We looked at the projects that last year’s Kindergarten created here.

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  1. Anna's mom says:


    • Thank you!! Yes! The projects are really special!

      I thought it was so interesting they thought of math as “grades” and “something hard” though- interesting to see those preconceived notions even at 5 years old!

      Thank you for your comment and support!

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