We have a garden in Kindergarten! A real garden! We are growing cucumbers, tomatoes and PUMPKINS! Emma in Third Grade brought some baby pumpkin plants to the Kindergarten back in June. Ms Echternacht and Ms O’Shea planted the plants in the garden and over the summer they GREW! When we came to Kindergarten in September, we already had TWO BIG PUMPKINS!

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When the pumpkins were ready, we cut them off the vine, except one green one that Ms Echternacht accidentally picked. We put them in our classroom and looked at them for awhile. They looked beautiful! Finally it was “Pumpkin Day” and we were ready to cut them open and make Pumpkin Soup! Before we cut open the pumpkins, we weighed them with Emma. One pumpkin was 7 pounds, the other was so big it broke the scale! We took it to the Nurse to weigh it. It weighed 12 pounds! Finally, we were ready to cook!

We made soup, a pumpkin dip and roasted the seeds! Then we opened our restaurant! Stay tuned to hear more about how we work together in the restaurant! Happy Pumpkin Day!

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  1. Anna B's mom says:

    yummy! is there any soup left? 🙂

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