We are a Kindergarten Class! This year our class name is “The Cabbage Patch” because we have a real garden right outside our classroom! We are so excited to share with you!

2016-2017 The Maples (K) and the Magnolias (JK)

2015-2016 The Sycamores and Sassafras

2014-2015 The Cabbage Patch

2013-2014 Blueberries and Strawberries

2012-2013 Jersey Poppers and The SugarSnaps

2011-2012 Cozy Chamomile Class

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  1. Dina Christie says:

    I love this site. It makes me feel like I am with you girls. Nice job Ms Echternacht!!!! Nice job ladies!!!! Dina (Kelly’s Mom)

    • Wow! Thank you so much Dina!! Kelly always comes out with the most amazing insights! She has such a way of cutting right to the core of the message of a story! Very insightful! Thanks again for your comment!
      Kindergarten 😀

  2. Cherry O (Nyla's mom) says:

    This is WONDERFUL! I am looking forward to discovering your journey over this school year on this website. Can’t wait to see what all happens this year. I already love the videos, recipes to try, and the interesting information that is shared via links. Nyla and I are going to really enjoy browsing through this site after school while her sister is doing her own “homework”. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Mrs. Bodkins says:

    Wow! I love seeing all your hard work and can not wait to share this with my class. We just started blogging and would love for you all to stop by and check us out too.

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