We use the Think Math! program and workbooks to practice and build our math skills. Some days we have “Game Day” or work to design our own independent math projects. We try to “find the math”. Can you find the math in these projects? Here are some videos of our work!
Look at this work that started out with printing numbers on a paper:

Look at this math invention discovery!

Look at how these pencils have been grouped and counted! How much do 4 groups of 5 equal?

Watch this project evolve:

This student came to me showing 4 identical towers of 16.

A student nearby was engaged in a completely different project in which she suddenly needed to know how much 11 was four times. See how one project changed to support anothers:

Further dialogue yielded this

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  1. fsjeileen says:

    Very cool, thank you for sharing. I love how you are all thinking out loud.

  2. fsjeileen says:

    Thank you for sharing these. I love to hear student thinking.

  3. […] We are beginning to dig deeper into math and find the math in self directed independent projects. We looked at the projects that last year’s Kindergarten created here. […]

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