Our school has friends all around the world. This farm is one of our friends. The name of the farm is Sprout Creek Farm. They like to show pictures of all the things that happen on the farm and all of the baby animals that are born on the farm. They make cheese. They are expert cheese makers. How do they make cheese and why are the animals important to the farm? Can you make cheese at your house?

Thank you to Sprout Creek Farm for letting Ms Echternacht put their beautiful photos on the blog to show everyone! You have to ask before you can share photos. They said YES! Thank you, Sprout Creek!

Sprout Creek Farm

Sprout Creek Farm

babykidssproutcreekfarm sugarandherbullcalf Elliesheifercalf sproutcreekfarm PanamaPamandherNewyearsbaby sproutcreeknurseryschool Fernandosears

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