Today is Election Day in the USA. We vote to decide who is the President of the USA. The two main people are Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. They are boys. Girls can be President but there has never been a girl President in the USA before. Maybe the first girl one will be YOU!

At rest time, we were tweet tweeting on twitter talking to our Kindergarten friends in Canada about Halloween. Then we saw some different Kindergarten friends from Massachusetts said their numbers were O=14 and R=8. We asked the friends in Canada if they had any numbers from voting. They said they didn’t have any numbers because they don’t vote today.

The kids in Canada didn’t even know who Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were! They said they vote later. They told us they vote for Prime Minister.  The one they have now is named Harper. We know they live up north and it’s cold where they live. Some people have Kings and Queens or Presidents or Prime Ministers. The USA has a President.

Then we saw Mr Gomez had some data numbers. His class is in Texas. We counted his numbers. Their numbers were O=10 and R=8. This is the picture Mr Gomez sent us to show his kids numbers:

Owly Images
We decided to vote too. First we had to register by writing our names. When our polling place opened, we crossed off our names and made our choice. The numbers from the Poppers and the Snappers all together were O=14 and R=3. We live in New Jersey.

We had so many numbers to keep track of. It’s data. We ran out of fingers. We sorted the numbers and wrote them all down and got the abacus. An abacus comes in very handy when you run out of fingers.


We counted the numbers again and again. We got three different answers so we had to re check. We put one peg in the board for each number.

Then we went to gym. When we were there, a Kindergarten class from Tennessee had numbers. Their numbers were O=15, R=1

Then we went home! Numbers are still coming in! Numbers from Montana just came in! Their numbers are O=17, R=3

What can you use to help you check how many there are all together? Can you find all of these places on a map? Stay tuned to this blog for updates as more classes send in their numbers!

Kindergarten polls close at 7PM tonight New York time!


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