Wow! We have not had school for eleven days! Our pattern is usually 5 days school, 2 days no school, 5 days school, 2 days no school. But now we have had 11 days no school!

2 days of the no school were so that the teachers could talk with your Moms and Dads about how well you are doing in school and about how you are being kind to your friends and waiting your turn and sharing.


Then we had a weekend. But then something happened! A big storm came. A storm so big they call it a hurricane. Hurricanes have names. This one’s name was Sandy. Did you know the really big storms have names? They do!

Click here to read the story about why they have names. 

The science people who keep track of all the storms in the USA work at a place called NOAA. These scientists also work to help the oceans. They make maps of the oceans and of the weather. Why do you think ocean and weather science people work together?

Click here to see NOAA’s science graphs and maps and pictures.

Click here to see NOAA’s pictures of under the ocean.

Most hurricanes blow away into the ocean and we don’t even know their names. Not this one, though! This one made an emergency for lots of people. Sandy knocked down lots of trees and poles with wires. What are all of those wires for? What happened at your house when the wind knocked them down?

Sandy also knocked down trees. Some old beauties got knocked down in the big winds.

Rescue teams went to work fixing the poles and helping people. Sandy made water come right into some people’s houses! The storm wrecked lots of houses near the beach because the beach is right near the ocean and hurricanes are born in the ocean. Rescue teams went to work helping people pump the water out and giving them food and blankets to keep them warm.

Now we are ready to get back to school! Most people have their lights back on, but some do not! It will take a while to fix all the things that got knocked down in the wind. As soon as the lights come back on at school we will get back to our play and work! What are you most excited to work on when you get back to school? The teachers are most excited to see YOU! We will see you SOON!

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