We are called the Sycamore and Sassafras class this year. We go on a walk every day. We are learning the names of all of the trees! We study books to match the picture and the words. Trees tell you their name by their leaves and bark and branches. Can you tell what kind of trees these are just by reading their leaves?

leaf identification

Some people say trees are magic because they can change the colors of their leaves. Ms. Echternacht (Ek-ter-knocked) keeps looking at the leaves on the trees but so many still look green. Ms Cagney says, “be patient”. Do you think these leaves will change color?


One day, we found a “bouquet” of leaves on the ground.  We asked, “Will this bouquet of leaves change color?” 4 people said, “YES!”, 12 people “weren’t sure” and 1 person said, “NO!”


The 4 people who said the bouquets of leaves would turn colors explained “all green leaves change colors.”

The 1 person who said no said she thought they “have to be attached to get food to grow and change.”

Some people started changing their minds. We are thinking to put the bouquets in cups of water and see if they will change now.

What do YOU think?

We walk everyday looking for evidence that green leaves will change colors. Nothing happened for a long time. Then one day….



Do all leaves change colors? How are trees doing this bit of magic? Can YOU change your colors? Why do you think trees do this? We are digging deeper everyday to discover the mysteries of trees.

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  1. Some interesting thoughts here, and beautiful photos! Thank you 🙂

  2. As a Tree Specialist, I am always blown away by the beauty of trees and fascinated by all of the colors they have to offer!

  3. Michelle says:

    Excellent work, ladies. Stuart girls are amazing! Enjoy your walks. You are very, very lucky to have the school, land, and teachers that you have!

  4. There are few things more beautiful than the colors of fall. You are asking very important questions about trees. I look forward to learning more from your class about the magic of trees.

  5. Gaby says:

    thoughtful questions! Third graders were told , by a story-teller,an ancient Lenape story about the sassafras tree and how it came to have three different shaped leaves. Maybe we could send a third grade story-teller over the K!

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