We were out playing and noticed the leaves were all over the ground! And they were different colors! Ms Echternacht couldn’t believe someone would tear all the leaves off the trees and paint them like that. What’s happened out there?!


Someone said “No, that’s supposed to happen! It’s fall. That’s what happens in the fall.”

Teacher: “But why?! Why now? Why do they fall off?! How is that even possible to change colors? Are trees magic?”

“No! No one painted them! They just change.”

“The wind blows and it makes the colors change”

“No! That doesn’t make sense because it was windy in the summertime too.”

“The colder it gets, the heavier the leaves get and they fall down.”

“The leaves are happy.”

“They change on the first day of fall.”

“Maybe it has to do with water.”

“They don’t fall! They connect down. When it’s not fall, they connect up.”

‘They are hanging there and they just can’t take it anymore and they fall off!”

Then someone noticed that the brown leaves were crinkly and fell apart easily and the green ones were harder to tear. We will continue digging into this science question!


Trees are magic 2

Trees are not magic 10

What do YOU think?

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