We started reading The Dream Fairies by Kelly Ann Smee. Its about the fairies who are in charge of your dreams. Then we went out in the forest to build houses for fairies. Some people think fairies are fiction, some people think fairies are non-fiction. What do you think?


Fairy House

Some say each plant, tree and flower has a fairy. If you want to be a fairy expert, you must learn the names of the plants, trees and flowers of the forest. It’s such an important job, there are grown-up science jobs where all you do is learn about all the plants, trees and flowers. 

Some fairies are known for mischief, so you must be vigilant about learning the names of the mischievous fairies. The Poison Ivy Fairy is one to know- he will make you turn red and get very, very itchy!  Plants can be medicine or they can make you itch or give you a stomach-ache! The Native Americans were experts at plant medicine. 

There are experts on fairies. One of the most important fairy experts was named Cicely Mary Barker. She painted pictures and wrote a poem to teach children about the fairy of each flower, plant and tree. She lived in England a long time ago. There are many fairy experts in England. If you want to become a fairy expert, one of the first things you have to do is to learn all about nature so you know what you are looking for when you go into the Fairy Forest.

Flower Fairy Website 

Fairy Glossary

table and acorn cap chairs w leaf tablecloth

Fairy Table with Acorn Cap chairs and (Sassafras?) tablecloth

If you want to build a house for a fairy there is one rule you cannot break- their home must be made of all things nature. They don’t like human-made things and they won’t come and live there if they smell anything on the house that’s not made of nature. You can build them most anywhere, but if you see some moss or a fairy ring, tread lightly- they may be near!

Also, don’t be afraid of bugs and spiders. They are fairy pets. Ladybugs and daddy long legs are a few of their favorite pets. Don’t hurt them! The mosquito is the unfortunate pet of the Poison Ivy Fairy- not a friend. Beware!

Safe travels dear fairy friends!

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  1. Ronnie O'Connor says:

    Fairies are ‘REAL’
    For sure!
    If I sprinkle pollen,
    Known as a bit of fairy dust gold
    from a flower on Stuart’s forest floor …
    my wish would come true.
    My grand-daughter would blossom under your tutelage in K . .

  2. Dear K friends,

    Today the fifth graders visited the nature trail and found the fairy houses. We saw and heard some fairy friends. Do you think the skunk cabbage is a fairy friend? Why or why not? What fairy friends live near the houses? Do you have any favorite fairy friends? Butterflies and ladybugs are our favorite fairy pets.

    The Fifth Grade

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