Bertie Bear


Bertie Bear has arrived in America! Our friends in England sent him! He came a long way by snail mail! It took many days for him to get here. He went on an airplane. He has a passport and a note! We are so excited he is here for a visit! He goes to visit Canada after he stays with us! We got right to work sewing clothes for him and making him some furniture! Stay tuned for more “Adventures of Bertie Bear in America!”


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  1. Wow we are so happy that Bertie has arrived safely by snail mail. He really did need some clothes and I hope the weather is warm enough for him to wear them. It is still very cold in England so I am sure he will love being on holiday in America 🙂
    We look forward to chatting to you all very soon.
    Mrs Fitzpatrick and F2 🙂

  2. Miss Knipe says:

    Wow how exciting, I can’t wait to see what Bertie Bear does with you! Maybe someday he will visit us in Liverpool!

  3. Class 1 says:

    We are Class 1, we were in Mrs Fitzpartick’s class last year. Poppy wants to know if Bertie Bear is having fun? Is he having fun with your toys? asks Jayden. Lennon asks does he like his new clothes? Elli Jane wishes her teddy could come to America too! Lewis says he misses Berie Bear. Daniel wonders if he is having a good time.

    From Class 1 and Miss Jordan (Athersley South)

  4. Monique says:

    Bertie, I hope you enjoy your journey ! Mirabelle our cow should have been glad to see you too. I’m sure that all the children will take care of you.
    Que va manger Bertie ? Où va-t-il dormir ? Va-t-il aller dans les familles ?

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