We read The Lorax by Dr Seuss. It took us three days to read it because good readers take their time to dive deeply into reading. When we first started reading, many of us said, “Oh the movie is so funny!” Is the book a funny book?

Soon after we read the book, Alexandra decided to bring these boxes into school and a team chose to work together to re-create the land of the Lorax:

Holes were poked into the boxes where the team dropped macaroni beads into the boxes to “re-plant the Truffula trees”


Each time we started the story, we reviewed what happened. Here is what we said:

“The Once-ler just wants money”

“The Lorax wants to help the earth”

“The Lorax is trying to help the world- the fishes and the bears and the good water. The green guy just wants to be rich” -KS

“The Lorax was trying to stop the Once-ler because he was trying to get too much money and cutting down the Truffula trees and then no one could get anything so he had to send his friends away” -FK

“They were making sweaters from the trees to get rich.” -AS

“The fish had to walk on their fins. The pipe house was making the water all muddy” -GK

“This is a fiction story but this happens in real life” -EP

“The factory-he was making Thneeds so he could be rich but then at the end he got sad.” -SF

“The Once-ler is selling Thneeds because he wants lots of money and he’s getting out of control” -SH

“The Once-ler is telling the story- it cost .15 cents and a nail and a shell of a great, great, snail” -SS

“He was talking on the whisper-phone- he wanted it to be a secret” -TS

“We don’t know what (the Once-lers) face looks like” -CV

Teacher: Why? Why did Dr Seuss decide to hide the face of the Once-ler?

“Some people who get out of control about money hide their face!” -KC

Here is a video of The Lorax by Cat in the Hat Productions

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