Joe MacGown

Some of the class got together and had the idea to have a Bug Day. They decided a letter needed to be written to the Parents to tell them about the day:


“Bring 2 or 3 or 1 bugs. Puppet show at Play: ‘A Very Buggy Day.’ If not bring bug, then just come to school because the leaders will have some for you to borrow. Go gardening and go on the nature trail with your bug and we go find bugs have a very buggy lunch and gouter all day.”

Joe MacGown

We found ants, spiders, butterflies and some we didn’t know. We got some books from the library. We watched the carpenter bees zoom around the garden.

What kinds of bugs can you see in this video?

What kind of bug is this?

Why are bugs important to people, to animals and to the earth?

What is your favorite kind of bug? Can you draw and label 10 different kinds of bugs?

Joe MacGown

Some grown-ups have jobs that are to just study bugs.

Click here to see more really neat bug drawings!

Click here and here and here and here for links to more bug fun

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  1. Kelly Ann S. says:

    Greetings from Canada!

    The Praying Mantis is intriguing, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the Ladybugs and Butterflys. I remember collecting grasshoppers when I was little and keeping them in jars in my bedroom overnight, then releasing them the next morning. I love hearing crickets at dusk, making their ‘singing’ sounds. =)

    Kelly Ann S.
    British Columbia,

  2. Kelly Ann S. says:

    How could I forget?!! The Fireflies!!!?

    I remember my first time seeing them ever. I was 17 years old, and walking in the evening along a river under a full moon. I was SO excited to see them, I screamed with joy!! haha Click the youtube video to see some fireflies. =)

  3. […] Ok, now how many are “literate” in another language? How many are literate in sign language? Do “baby signs” help develop literacy in babies? How many are literate in plants? flowers? trees? bugs? […]

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