Teacher: “What do you know about Martin Luther King?

-“He was a King, he told people what to do.”

-“No! He was trying to stop hatred!

Teacher: “What’s hatred?

-“Like fights and stuff”

-“He got shot by a white guy”

-“The angels carried him to heaven”

Carolyn, age 6, drawing of Dr King

Martin was angry and sad that there were unfair rules but he never used a gun. He used his words. “Fight hate with love” he said.

Some people think they are better because of the way they look on the outside. Is anyone better than anyone else? See what happened to the Sneetches!

Teacher: What is happening in this picture?

-“He’s telling them his dream!”

We watched a little bit of his most famous speech:

Learn more:


Watch this Slideshow about Martin Luther King’s Life 

The Martin Luther King Jr. Center

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Best wishes to the class of 2024 and future Sacred Heart alums!

    Maureen E. Ryan
    AASH President 2011-2013

  2. faige says:

    He still remains a powerful figure even so many years later. Sharing his story is resonates with my Kinders. bring up questions and discussions.

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