Your Mom and Dad probably read this book when they were little. Ms Echternacht’s teacher read it to her when she was a little girl. It’s a classic. What’s a classic?

“Something old and good that everybody knows”

“Do they read Blueberries for Sal in Egypt?”

What is happening in this picture?

“The mother is getting ready for the day”

“The boy is in his pajamas having breakfast”

“No! She’s pouring something!”

“The stove!”

“It looks like olden times”

“She’s pouring beans in a jar”

“They are at the farm. They have to pay to pick the blueberries”

“They are poor that’s why they are picking blueberries for the winter”

“No! They have a car and a house and clothes, they aren’t poor, but they aren’t rich either.”

“Sal likes blueberries that’s why the Mom is getting them for her for the winter”

“You can save the blueberries in a jar so they don’t rot”

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